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Are Turbo Trainer Tyres Quieter Than Normal Tyres? Are They Worth It?

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Are Turbo Trainer Tyres Quieter Than Normal Tyres

Will Turbo Trainer Tyres Make My Bike Quieter?

If you are finding your turbo trainer noisy to cycle with or you’ve heard that these trainers can be quite noisy at times, especially magnetic ones, then you might be looking for ways to reduce the noise of your trainer, and one way to do this is by changing the tyres of your bike.

Turbo trainer tyres are a lot quieter than using normal tyres with a trainer and can be a great way to reduce the noise coming from your bike. Slick special trainer tyres for your bike are smoother than regular tyres as they have fewer tread patterns, reducing the noise of your bike as it rubs against the roller when cycling. 

To help you decide whether a turbo trainer tyre is worth it or not, we have listed out the advantages of using trainer tyres instead of regular ones, and other ways you can reduce how noisy your turbo trainer is during use.

What Are Turbo Trainer Tyres & Are They Worth It?

Turbo trainer tyres were specifically created to be used on these trainers due to there slick design with no knobbly tread patterns, they are the best for turbo trainers as they have a strong rubber coating with an inside shell which helps with durability and reduces the wear down on the tyres.

You can’t take these tyres out on the road, but they save you from having to ruin your expensive ones which are already on your bike and are most suited to riders who are advanced and want to be riding their bike long-distance with intense sessions regularly.

If you are a beginner, then some spare smooth road tyres will also do the trick and work well with your turbo trainer, however, they might get worn down quicker than special trainer tyres.

To help make up your mind about whether you need these special turbo trainer tyres or not, we have listed out some of the advantages to them below so as you can see if they are worth the investment.

  • They reduce noise – Turbo trainer tyres make your bike quieter due to fewer tread patterns and a smoother finish, mountain bike tyres for example have a lot of treads, meaning they will create a high volume of noise during use and not be appropriate for long term usage on your trainer.
  • High in durability – These specific tyres are created to last a long time with your trainer as they can withstand the friction and heat created by the roller, this means the tyre will not get worn down as quickly as it would in comparison with a road bike tyre.
  • Reduced vibration – Smooth tyres also mean less vibration, making your bike more stable to use and much friendlier to your floor.
  • Can save you money – Rather than buying new tyres every time, as regular ones will get worn down quickly, you can use a turbo trainer tyre which will last you much longer and save you from having to keep replacing your tyre.
  • Easy to use – You can simply attach this special tyre to a spare wheel and change it out when you use the bike inside or outdoors, making it quick and easy.

Are There Other Ways To Make My Bike Trainer Quieter?

If you have tried changing your tyres to new special bike trainer ones and your bike is still making a lot of noise, there are some more tips and tricks you can try to see if it will help reduce the noise of your trainer.

We have listed out our best ideas below.

Use a Floor Mat

One way that your trainer might be making too much noise is due to floor vibrations. Loud floor vibrations from a trainer are common because of the mechanism and weight of the trainer, you can try placing a yoga mat underneath your trainer to see if this makes a difference and if it cushions the vibrations/noise.

Interlocking gym mats, towels or moving your trainer to a place with carpet are also other options if you do not have a yoga mat lying around.

Go For a Fluid Trainer/Direct Driver Trainer

Depending on what resistance your trainer is using, this can impact how much noise it will make. For example, cheap magnetic resistance trainers are known for being very loud due to there mechanism, fluid trainers, on the other hand, tend to be a lot quieter as they use liquid, same goes for direct drive trainers which produce minimal noise when in use.

Cover The Tread

One way to DIY your trainer to produce less noise is by covering the tread of your tyre with electrical tape. This can be a great way to avoid the cost of buying slick tyres for your bike (which are worth it if you can afford them) and reduce the noise of your trainer. The success of this method varies, however.

Make Sure Your Tyres Are Pumped

Lower pressure tyres can be noisy when they hit against the resistance bar and get turned by the wheel, always make sure your tyres are fully pumped and hard before use to avoid any unnecessary noise.

Tips For Mounting a Turbo Trainer Tyre

If you have decided a turbo trainer tyre is worth it and you want to reduce the noise coming from your bike, then it is worth checking out these tips on how to mount your new tyre correctly to your bike.

We have listed out a few top tips below.

  • Make sure your tyre is stretched – Giving your tyre a little stretch beforehand is a great way to make sure it will fit on your wheel easily.
  • Use washing-up liquid – Washing-up liquid can be used as a lubricant to help your tyre glide more easily on to the rim.
  • Slightly inflate your tyre beforehand – If you inflate your inner tube tyre a little bit before putting it on your rim this can help it maintain its shape.
  • Wear cycling gloves – Cycling gloves offer better grip and help you control the tyre as you will be using a lot of force.
  • Stop at the valve – When you are near the end of putting your tyre on, try to make sure it finishes around the valve, this allows you to lift the tyre a little and get its sides around the rim as you press the valve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Bike Trainer Quiet With Turbo Trainer Tyres

Why is the bike trainer still noisy even though I have changed tyres? 

Your bike trainer still might be noisy due to the vibrations on the floor and the type of resistance, you could try using a floor mat underneath your trainer to see if this makes a difference or placing it on a carpet instead. Also, ensure your tyres are not becoming flat.

Is it possible to use mountain bike tyres with my turbo trainer? 

Using mountain bike tyres on your trainer will cause lots of noise and vibrations due to a large amount of tread on them which is not suitable for the trainer.

What type of resistance is the nosiest in these trainers?

The worst type of resistance for trainers is cheap magnetic resistance, fluid trainers tend to be quieter than magnetic but can also become noisy if you buy a low-quality model.

Last Words

To conclude our article, buying special turbo trainer tyres can help reduce the noise of your bike trainer as well as the vibration, however, you can also use other accessories such as floor mats to muffle the vibration, as well as making sure you choose the best resistance type for your bike which has low noise.

You should always try to keep your tyres pumped too and avoid going for low-quality trainers as these tend to produce much more noise.

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