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Tacx Flow Turbo Trainer T2200 Review 2020 – 2021

Tacx Ergotrainer Flow T2200 Review

If you’re looking for an affordable turbo trainer to help with your cycling exercise, the Tacx Ergotrainer Flow T2200 (learn more here!) is one of the leading products on the market. For a reasonable price, this device offers plenty of practical features, as well as computer support.

As such, this model is well positioned for seasoned cyclists and new trainers alike. With that in mind, what is it capable of? Let’s take a look at what this device has to offer.


Main Features

Tacx Ergotrainer Flow T2200 Includes Computer and Front Wheel StandWhile this device has a lot of features that make it quick and easy to use, many of its extra options allow for greater, in-depth control. Here’s a look at what the Tacx Ergotrainer Flow T2200 is capable of:

  • The electro braking unit is smooth and feels natural to use.
  • These electro brakes use a combination of magnets and electro magnets, which can be controlled by the device to offer smooth transitions.
  • Similarly, this unit can generate braking power of up 800 watts, holding it for 10 seconds.
  • Likewise, it can provide sprint power of up to 700 watts, for one minute
  • It also comes with 14 braking positions, allowing for plenty of customisation when exercising.
  • One of the key features of this device is the handlebar computer, which gives live readings.
  • This computer works with your brake system through connected cables.
  • As for indoor cycling, this device can even generate the feeling of slopes, with angles ranging from -4 to +9, offering a great variety of resistance levels.
  • In terms of design, this trainer has a bent frame at the back, to help rebound and keep the overall device stable.
  • The added front wheel support is also a welcome feature, keeping the bike secure.

As you can see, there are many features designed to create a versatile cycling experience. Whether its through slope resistance, electro magnetic brakes or the on-board computer, you can get the exact experience you want, helping to ensure a smooth exercise program.




Using The Trainer

Despite its small, light profile, the Tacx Ergotrainer Flow T2200 has a lot hiding underneath its external appearance. Seasoned cyclists will greatly enjoy this product, as the electro brakes offer plenty of depth with smooth transitions that don’t disrupt your flow or concentration.

This is greatly helped by the on-board computer. Since this sits on the middle of the handlebars, it’s always available when you need it. Likewise, the quick, simple controls allow you to increase or decrease the resistance. You don’t need to worry about adjusting the electro brakes, as the computer does this for you. When you’re focused on reaching a target or milestone, this is one less thing you need to think about.

As far as power and resistance goes, this bike can provide up to 800 watts, for braking, and 700 watts for sprinting sessions. While it can only hold these for around 10 seconds and 1 minute, respectively, this more than enough for those moments when you have a sudden burst of energy and want to power through.

As far as turbo trainers go, it’s safe to say the features here allow any cyclist to get the exercise they need. There are even practical features, such as the lightweight design and bent arch at the rear, designed to keep the device stable and in-place.


The Verdict

In short, the Tacx Ergotrainer Flow T2200 is well worth the money. This is a complex turbo trainer, which numerous ways to customise your experience, but the on-board computer converts all of this into a simple series of buttons and commands. With this in mind, any cyclist can easily get to grips with the product and its ability to support your exercise goals is fantastic.




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