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Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Review 2020 – 2021

Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Review

Turbo trainers allow you to exercise with your bike indoors and there are a number of excellent models available. The Turbo Trainer for Mountain and Road Bikes, by Velo Pro, for instance, offers a fantastic trainer at a low price.

With plenty of features and a small design, the Velo Pro turbo trainer (learn more here!) is a very competitive option, but is it right for you? Let’s take a look at its various features and see just what it has to offer.


Main Features

Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Review 2016Overall, the design on the Velo Pro aims to make this equipment easy to use. Everything is self-explanatory, yet the range of features offer this model plenty of depth and versatility. It’s unique features include:

  • This device can fit a range of bikes, accommodating wheel sizes between 26 and 28 inches.
  • It also fits 700c wheels.
  • With 6 levels of resistance, you can really customise the amount of energy the bike offers back.
  • The kit comes with front wheel support, as well as a rear stem, to ensure stability while exercising.
  • The device also comes pre-assembled, requiring no effort on your part, and can be used easily. Just fold it away when not in use, or fold it out when you want to exercise.
  • With such a small size, this device will fit in most storage areas when not in use.
  • Similarly, it only weights 5 kgs, making it exceptionally light for a cross trainer.
  • The quick release system also makes it easy to dismount the bike after you’re finished.
  • Finally, if you like to exercise with style, this trainer is available in four different colours: black, white, red and silver.

As you can see, there is plenty of variety here. Whether its the range of resistance levels on offer, or the range of wheels it can fit, this device has a lot of offer numerous cyclists. This also includes its small, lightweight design, which is agreeable with people in smaller homes, where storage space is limited.



Using The Trainer

From the start, this device comes pre-assembled. This means you don’t need to waste time putting it together. Instead, you can just attached your bike and get to work. Since it takes such a broad range of wheel sizes, including the popular 700c, most bikes will have no problem using this trainer.

Likewise, the 6 levels of resistance allow for a great level of customisation. Whether you want something easy and soft, or hard and resistant, you can find the setting on this trainer. Thankfully, there is a level that attaches to the handlebars, so you can change the resistance up or down as you see fit, rather than having to stop mid-flow during a heavy workout.

Overall, when using this turbo trainer, it offers a very sturdy and reliable experience. While it looks small – and certainly weights very little – great care has gone into ensuring your bike doesn’t move or slip while exercising. Thanks to the wheel supports, you don’t need to worry about the bike coming lose. Everything is held perfectly in place.



While it might not look like much on the outside, the Velo Pro turbo trainer certainly packs a punch. With some great resistance options, as well as the ability to fit a broad range of bikes, this is a very agreeable product. Cyclists, whether seasoned or amateur, should have no problem getting to grips with this trainer. The overall design is very agreeable and starts to feel familiar very quickly.




2 thoughts on “Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Review 2020 – 2021”

  1. Just received this trainer but cannot see what the knob F is supposed to do? I’ve an idea that the whole set-up is not correct, for example, the roller is not facing directly upwards?

    Thanks for any suggestions?


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