Turbo Trainer Reviews & Comparison – Reviews 2018 – 2019

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TacX Booster 750-1050 watt resistance, 2kg flywheel Mid-Range Learn More Here!

BD Bikes 6 resistance levels, fold down mechanism Affordable Learn More Here!

Magnetic 8 5 resistance levels, adjustable knob to fit most tyres Affordable Learn More Here!

Turbo Trainer Reviews 2017 – 2018

Pouring down with rain or snow outside or just too windy to get a good workout done, or just too late in the evening to ride your bike outside, what ever your reason maybe, a turbo trainer is the best way to train despite the weather.

A turbo trainer, also known as a bike or cycle trainer is simply a device which elevates the rear wheel of your bike which sits on a resistance unit.

Your front wheels are also elevated usually with a stand also known as a front wheel rise. This keeps the bike level as opposed to tipping forward.

You the ride your bike as your normally would, only stationary.

The motion created by your movement on the bike will be happening against the resistance unit which gives you the feel of a real bike ride outside.

Besides staying in from the harsh weather outside, a turbo trainer also gives you th added benefit of working out infront of your TV watching your favourite show.

If you want to be super fancy, some of the higher end trainers have a virtual reality mode where you workout with your trainer hooked up to the TV / PC. The trainer comes with video and software to make it seem like you are riding your bike at various pre-recorded locations.

Not only this but you can also compete with friends who have a similar setup using online services.

Turbo trainers are advanced a great deal and continue to do so.

In this article I will review our Top 3 Turbo Trainers.

Tacx Booster Ultra High Power Magnetic Trainer Review – Number 1

Best Trainers For CyclingA very good product from Tacx, The Booster (learn more here!) is a high powered magnetic turbo trainer which is why it is our number 1 turbo trainer. With great features and a strong design and build, The Booster is set to please.

Here are some of its best features;

  • Resistance controls right on the handle bars making for quick access for increasing and reducing intensityBest Trainers For Cycling uk
  • Designed to fit wheel diameters from 600mm – 700mm
  • Noise reduction so you can workout without disturbing people close by
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • User friendly braking system
  • 10 braking positions
  • 1050 watt (10 second) Max brake power
  • 900 watts (1 minute) sprint power
  • 9.1kg mass inertia
  • Front wheel support included


A very well made turbo trainer, The Booster by Tacx has some good features and benefits while making it an easy product to use.
A good quality basic cycle trainer which will last you a good while and keep your bike tyres in good condition for a long time.




BD Bikes Turbo Trainer Review – Number 2

bd bikes turbo trainerA very good all in one option which is perfect for beginner cyclists who want to maintain their training despite the harsh weather conditions.
The Turbo Trainer is powered by magnetic resistance which makes it a nice quiet product. This, along with some of its other features makes it a good buy;

  • 6 resistance levels easily adjusted as needed depending on the intensity of your workout using the control system mounted on your bike handlebars
  • Heavy flywheel for further improved resistance
  • Perfect for mountain bikes as well as racers and road bikes
  • Simple one pass fold down for quick storage
  • Non-slip feet making the trainer more sturdy
  • Front wheel rise included to keep a good balance between wheels
  • 6mm thick vinyl / foam training mat included which is another bonus. This will further reduce the noise and also keep
  • your floor clean from sweat etc.


A good trainer and overall a good package. The Turbo Trainer supplied by BD Bikes is a very good first trainer for beginners as it is fair in price and includes all the accessories needed to get you going!




Healthline Elite Fitness Review – Number 3 (Magnetic 8)

Magnetic 8 Level Turbo TrainerOur number 3 trainer today is a simple, basic yet very effective trainer.

From Health Line Products comes The Healthline Elite Fitness, an easy to use, adjustable and foldable magnetic turbo trainer. Here are some of its features which are noteworthy;

  • Very user friendly
  • Foldable so you can easily store it away when not in use without it taking up too much space
  • Five resistance levels providing for an effective amd satisfying workout at various intensities
  • Ajustable mount able to fit 26″, 27″ and 700cc tyres easily
  • All steel frame which is very sturdy and will support you during the most intense workouts keeping you stable
  • Noise reduction roller – to keep the noise down as you workout which is designed using a heat dissipation fan





While a simple, no-frills trainer, The Healthline Elite Fitness is still a very good option to go for.

It is sturdy, effective in the workouts and is fairly quiet.

With easy to access resistance controls and a stable all-steel frame and the low buy price, you cannot go wrong with this investment.





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