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Tesla 3 – Riva Sport Turbo Trainer Review 2020 – 2021

Tesla 3 – Riva Sport Turbo Trainer Review

If you’re looking for an affordable and practical turbo trainer, the Tesla 3 Turbo Trainer (learn more here!) is certainly worth considering. This device is small and light, yet offers many of the robust, versatile features you would expect from a luxury turbo trainer. So, how does it actually handle?


Main Features

TESLA 3 NEW TURBO TRAINERDespite its size, the Tesla 3 brings a lot to offer. There are numerous options, allowing for greater versatility and extended use. Here are its most unique features:

  • This device comes pre-assembled and can be used straight from the box.
  • It comes with a free riser block included.
  • The resistance is generated via magnets, offering a smooth level of resistance throughout.
  • This can also be varied, using a remote cable and level. This allows you to switch up the resistance in the middle of exercise activities.
  • The level itself can be attached to the handlebars and offers 7 different levels of resistance.
  • The quick release skewer is a welcome touch. When you’re done exercising, this quickly releases the rear wheel, which is all you need to separate the bike from the trainer.
  • As far as bikes go, this device can fit wheels ranging from 26 to 28 inches.
  • It can also fit 700c wheels.
  • This device also has a very simple design, allowing you to fold it up when not in use, to make it even smaller.

In summary, great care has been taken to make a product that is very adaptable and easy to use. It can incorporate a wide range of bikes and offers a variable level of resistance. In short, this should allow cyclists to get exactly what they need from their turbo training.



Using The Trainer

This is very much a piece of equipment for people that value efficiency. Since you don’t need to assemble or install the device, you can start exercising the moment you take it out of the box. This is ideal for busy people, who wish to spend more time exercising, rather than preparation.

The same also applies when you’re finished. The quick release skewer instantly disengages the bike  and, then, all you need to do is fold the trainer up and put it away. This instantly minimises the time you spend setting up or putting the device away.

As for exercising itself, the resistance offers is great and feels smooth. The 7 different levels offers some great versatility. Better yet, this can all be done via the handlebar-mounted lever. This feels and works just like a typical bike lever, so the overall experience will feel very natural and familiar to anyone who’s cycled before.

In short, this device is easy to use and offers a simple design, yet it doesn’t skip on any of the vital areas a turbo trainer would offer. At the end of the day, this is a versatile piece of equipment that works with a surprisingly large selection of bikes and even offers 7 levels of resistance. What more does a turbo trainer need to do?



Ultimately, the Tesla 3 turbo trainer is a very impressive piece of exercise equipment. It’s simple to use and doesn’t cause any hassle. When cycling, you barely notice its even there. If you’re looking for a device that works with you and allows you to get on with your workout, the Tesla 3 offers some great value for money in this area.




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