Minoura Kagura Smart Trainer Review 2019 – 2020

Minoura Kagura Smart Trainer Review – Strong & Compact

When it comes to choosing a turbo trainer for cycling training at home, there are a lot of different features that you will want to take into consideration if you want to make sure that you are choosing the best model for your needs.

One thing that a lot of people fail to factor into their decision is space. If you don’t have a lot of space at home, then you are going to want to choose a compact turbo trainer. In order to help you choose the best model for your needs, we have tested and reviewed as many as possible.

Today, we are going to be bringing you a Minoura Kagura Smart Trainer review. If you are interested in this model then please carry on reading to see what we thought of it after we had tested it out.

Features: 2000w – 20% Incline – Descent Simulation – Requires Calibration – Foldable – 50.8 x 48.3 x 43.2 cm – 17.7kg


  • The frame of this turbo trainer is very strong and compact.
  • You can vary the intensity of your workout significantly with up to 2000w of resistance.
  • It is practically silent when it is in use.


  • The frame of this turbo trainer is quite heavy.
  • It isn’t foldable so storage may be a problem.

The Minoura Kagura Smart Trainer Review

To start off with, we’re going to talk very briefly about the design of this turbo trainer. The first thing that we noticed when we took the Minoura Kagura Smart Trainer out of the box is that the frame of the trainer itself is actually very compact.

As well as this, it was very clear to see that the trainer is made out of very strong materials. It has definitely been built to be robust and durable. Mounting the bike onto the trainer was no trouble at all and we were ready to properly test it out within minutes.

The first thing that really stood out to us was how quiet the trainer is when it is in use. In fact, it is practically silent, even at high resistance levels. The one thing that really sold this turbo trainer from Minoura to us was the ability to vary the intensity of your workout significantly thanks to the ability to get up to 2000w of resistance.

There are plenty of positive aspects with this turbo trainer, but as with most things, there are some negatives that we should mention. First of all, we felt that this trainer was very heavy. This could make it difficult to move it around, especially if you have mobility issues.

Secondly, it is important to note that this turbo trainer is not foldable. If you don’t have much storage space at home then this could be an issue for you. However, for the most part we were really impressed with this one and would definitely recommend it.

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