Best Trainers For Cycling – Top 3 In 2018 – 2019

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TacX Satori Smart Mag Trainer 950 watt max braking, ANT+ / Bluetooth connection, 1.6KG flywheel High-End Learn More Here!

TacX Booster Magnetic 750-1050 watt resistance, 2kg flywheel Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Magnetic 8 Level 5 resistance levels, adjustable knob to fit most tyres Affordable Learn More Here!

Best Cycling Trainers

Rain outside is any cyclists frustration and sometimes it seems like fate itself wants to prevent you from getting that cycle you’ve been craving for days. Enter the ingenious invention of indoor bicycle trainers, simply set up your own bike and you can cycle away to your heart’s content. These are three bicycle trainers that I’d recommend for any cycling enthusiast.


TacX Satori Smart Trainer Review – Number 1

Tacx Satori Smart Trainer ReviewThe first and best bicycle trainer I would recommend is the TacX Satori Smart trainer (learn more here!).

The TacX is famous for it’s easy adaptability and sincere promise to try and give you the best workout you can possibly get. The following features of the TacX certainly help cement it in the pantheon of bicycle trainers.

  • Operation Handlebar resistance lever
  • Resistance unit- Magnetic
  • Realistic slope 10 positions
  • Stand alone training
  • Includes SkylinerTacx Satori Smart Trainer
  • Suitable for tablet/smartphone with Tacx Cycling apps
  • Software for PC/laptop optional
  • Max brake power (10 sec) 950 watt
  • Sprint power (1 min) 800 watt
  • Mass inertia 16.93 kg 1

All of these features, especially the integration of modern technology make the TaxC Satori Smart trainer and obvious choice for any cycling enthusiast.



TacX Booster Magnetic Trainer – Number 2

Best Trainers For CyclingThe second turbo trainer I would recommend is the TacX Booster Ultra High Power Folding Magnetic Trainer.

Despite the fact it’s a mouthful to say, the TacX Booster Ultra High Power Folding Magnetic Trainer really impresses with it’s modern design, ergonomic attitude towards your workout and emphasis on safety. The following features particularly impressed me;

  • Software for your PC/laptopBest Trainers For Cycling uk
  • Operation – Handlebar resistance lever
  • Resistance unit – Magnetic
  • Braking positions – 10
  • Max brake power (10 sec.) 1050 Watt
  • Sprint power (1 min.) 900 Watt
  • Mass inertia 9,18 kg
  • Including Skyliner front wheel support
  • Handlebar resistance lever, 10 positions
  • Satori frame with sturdy front legs
  • Universal fit for wheels with diameter 600 mm to 710 mm
  • Easy to assemble brake system

Although these features are somewhat similar to the TacX Satori Smart Trainer that I first mentioned, this bicycle trainer unfortunately lacks some of the visual flair it had.




Magnetic 8 Level Turbo Trainer – Number 3

Magnetic 8 Level Turbo TrainerThe third bicycle trainer I would recommend is the Magnetic 8 Level Turbo Trainer.

The Magnetic 8 Level Turbo Trainer is a little more rudimentary in design and function-ability, but it works just as well as any of it’s contemporaries just the same, simply without the frill and pretension. The following features really impressed me about the Magnetic 8 Level Turbo Trainer.

  • All-steel frame structure provides you a security-training guarantee
  • The adjustable knob will fit your different wheel size ( 26″,27″)
  • Maximum noise-reduction magnetic wheel roller, designed with heat dissipation fan. Work out in house even in such an Unprecedented Extremely Cold Winter
  • Magnetic resistances with eight resistance levels meet your specific needs about resistance and speed
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The noise reduction magnet of the Magnetic 8 Level Turbo Trainer really impressed me as it was technology that I had previously seen. I would certainly recommend this if you are looking to snap up a deal.





Although each of these bicycle trainers have unique functions that separate them from each other I would recommend the TacX Satori Smart Magnetic Trainer because, well it is a smart trainer.

You can easily sync up to your smart phone or tablet to monitor your workouts and track your progress through time.

The ability to easily track your progress and monitor your workouts is a huge motivator.





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