Best Cycle Trainer – Top 3 In 2018 – 2019

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit

TacX Satori Smart Trainer 950 watt max braking, ANT+ / Bluetooth connection, 1.6KG flywheel High-End Learn More Here!

Elite Novo Force Use almost any bike, Elastogel to reduce noise, 5 resistance levels Affordable Learn More Here!

Kinetic Road Machine 2 Fluid technology for a quiet ride, strong & stable frame, 80 cooling pins High-End Learn More Here!

Best Turbo Trainers

A cycle trainer, also known as a turbo trainer, is a useful tool that enables you to perform stationary biking routines without the need to go outdoors this can be especially useful when the weather is bad where you live, for example; heavy rain. This is the main reason why many cyclists are interested in an indoor trainer.

Another option to cycle inside is having an exercise bike, however, many cyclists prefer to train on a bike they ride regularly. This keeps training and your movement consistent.

It is that much more important if you participate in bike events, races etc. Having a bike trainer in this situation is infinitely more useful because you will be training on the very bike which you will be racing in.

While exercise bikes are certainly a good option; the investment in a decent model can be quite pricey. Where a good cycle trainer needn’t set you back as much.

It is also important for you to choose a trainer that could provide a lot of useful benefits and the best value for your money.

There are a good amount of turbo trainers available on the market today.

We have rounded up three of the best trainers and reviewed them to save you time in making your decision.

Tacx Satori Smart Trainer Review – Number 1

From Tacx comes The Satori Smart Trainer (learn more here!) which not only looks very sleek but performs exceedingly well too. Lets take a close look at its features;

  • Tacx Satori Smart Trainer ReviewThe Build of The Satori Smart Trainer is very intricate, it uses complex technology as a drive to power the trainer
  • A robust build which feels sturdy as you workout
  • Good resistance making your training feel natural yet effective
  • Whilst The Satori has a complex interior; it is extremely user friendly
  • The resistance unit itself measures the speed, cadence and the power in your training.
  • Being able to pair to your smart phone, tablet, sports watch or smart watch via Bluetooth as well as ANT+ the data from the trainer can be seen while you workout – an excellent motivator!
  • The Tacx Cycling smart phone app is also extremely user friendly and pairs easily. Just make sure it has a good charge as you will be monitoring real-time training feedback!
  • Monitor your performance after workouts to see how you have progressed, how much better you are physically able to perform and have access to your other useful fitness data
  • A spindle included so that you are able to securely mount your bike on the trainer without causing any damage to your bike spindle
  • Very quiet while in use – so you don’t disturb others close by while you workout
  • Includes a Skyliner with the trainer
  • The Satori uses a magnetic resistance unit
  • Software available for your PC
  • Handlebar resistance lever makes the resistance very easy to control and adjust as you desire depending on your workouts
  • 10 position realistic slope
  • Max brake power of 950 watt (10 second)
  • Sprint power of 800 watt (1 minute)
  • Masa inertia: 16.93kg 1

The best cycle trainer of 2015, The Satori is a high quality trainer with a set of useful features.

It is quiet, it is stable and above all, it is smart bringing all the data to your smart device which makes it convenient for you to track your progress with minimal effort.

If you are looking for the best turbo trainer, look no further.



Elite Novo Force Turbo Trainer Review – Number 2

From Elite comes the successor to the best-selling and very popular Novo Mag, The Elite Novo Force.

The Novo Force is another very well built and premium magnetic turbo trainer which is available at an affordable price.

  • Elite Turbo Trainer ReviewHere are some of its key features which has made it our number 2 bike trainer;
  • An enhanced Mag Force drive unit which provides a nicely increased resistance and delivers the benefit of a 700 gram heavier flywheel than The Novo Mag, so you can enjoy a smoother workout
  • Frame positioned closer to the ground which increases stability and eliminates the need for a riser block.
  • Working out on The Novo Force feels sturdy allowing you to focus less on your balance and more on your training
  • Adapters supplied with the trainer so you can use a BMX 24″ wheel all the way upto a 29″ MTB
  • The Novo Force is a very quiet, even on the highest resistance which is ideal when you live with or close to other people who could be distracted by the noise
  • 5 levels of adjustment using the gear shifter allows you to control the resistance thats best suited to your training routine
  • The ElastoGel roller is a very neat feature on The Novo Force which not only drastically reduces the noise but also reduces tyre wear by 20% when compared to equivalent metal rollers
  • Quick attach / quick release on the axle holders as well as the resistance unit helps make set-up easy and quick

A very good second place, The Novo Force is a very easy to use trainer, it is quiet, effective and very stable.
The ElastoGel is a nice feature which aids in noise reduction as well as the tyre wear.
All in all, The Novo Force deserves its second place as it is a high quality trainer.




Kinetic Road Machine 2 Trainer Review – Number 3

The Road Machine 2 manufactured by Kinetic is a durable, compact and reliable fluid turbo trainer.
Here are some of its key features which makes it a good choice;

  • kinetic road machine turbo trainerLeak proof sealed fluid chamber keeps the trainer from any accidental spills yet still giving you a very effective workout
  • Smooth and quiet, being a fluid trainer, The Road Machine 2 will deliver a very realistic ride and coast-down from 20 miles per hour
  • 80 cooling fins to dissipate the heat keeping the trainer very functional even on long training sessions
  • Lowest operating temperate compared to any other fluid trainer
  • 5-3,000+ watt resistance still keeping the trainer very smooth and quiet
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Quick assemble, quick release using the skewer provided makes it user friendly and setup / take down times reduced
  • Extremely sturdy when in use

While at number 3, The Road Machine 2 is still a very good option, especially if you are in the market for a fluid based trainer.
The Road Machine 2 is sturdy and very durable. It is smooth to workout on, easy to use and for the money, you truly do get a premium product.





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